A tooth extraction is generally not the first option for treating dental disorders but sometimes it is necessary for a tooth to be removed. This may be due to a tooth breaking, decay or gum disease. Should this necessity arise, a dental implant is the ideal restorative solution to replace the missing tooth. An implant is made from medical-grade titanium and often has a thread resembling a screw. It is placed into the jawbone during a minor procedure to replicate a missing tooth root. The implant naturally bonds to the bone and becomes the foundation to which a crown, bridge, full or partial denture can be secured. When more than one tooth needs to be replaced, there are various options available. From multiple single-tooth implant restorations to implant bridges and removable partial dentures, these implant restorations should be routinely evaluated by your dentist and good hygiene must be maintained.

For implants we only use the two most researched implants in the world, Nobel Biocare and Neoss, giving patients fully functional tooth restorations that last a lifetime.


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