For your convenience both the Townsend Family Dental practices have state-of-the-art equipment and technology in-house which ensures you can access the best treatment in a single visit.


Magnification is used to enhance the working field to ensure top-level intricate dental procedures, like root canal therapy and crown and bridge preparations. We also utilise an intra-oral camera during treatment procedures, which provides a clinical photographic record of your oral environment and treatment stages. This also allows us to educate, demonstrate and explain our procedures and is offered to patients at no extra cost.

Townsend Family Dental is also the first Australian dental practice to introduce the Digital Smile System – software which shows our patients their future smile before treatment commences. 

Digital x-rays are a valuable diagnostic tool at Townsend Family Dental, allowing us instant access, easy storage and the ability to instantly share information with relevant specialists if required. Digital x-rays also reduce the exposure time to radiation by 1/5 of conventional film enhancing safety of our procedures.

We also offer FLASH pearl cleaning in all check-ups. This is a gentle cleaning powder made specifically to remove tough stains from teeth without damaging enamel or the support structures of the tooth.

For implants we only use the two most researched implants in the world, Nobel Biocare and Neoss, giving patients fully functional tooth restorations that last a lifetime. At Townsend Family Dental you can be assured that all our materials are scientifically backed, extensively tested and widely researched.

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